Release Fly Travel | Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to an amazing diversity of fly fishing opportunities. Two oceans and a variety of rivers and lakes equates to the ability to target many different species all within a relatively small geographic space, and Release Fly Travel … [Read more]

“Guidespeak” Part Two

Since 1988 the staff at  The Evening Hatch in Washington State have been talking about "Guidespeak." Guidespeak (not to be confused with 'godspeed') is a compilation of terms, thoughts and phrases that guides and guests use on the water—in other … [Read more]

Black Fly Lodge | Bahamas

  Blackfly Lodge started when artist, former Keys guide, musician and Blackfly Outfitter shop and restaurant owner Vaughn Cochran teamed up with native Bahamian Clint Kemp and world angler Dave Byler to create a special place for anglers at … [Read more]